The Dangers of Do It Yourself Orthodontics

We’ve seen a growing trend in do it yourself orthodontics around the internet and we want to strongly discourage it. The last story we saw was a girl that used rubber bands to close a gap between her front teeth.  While it did make some improvements, the side effects of doing this can results in permanent dental problems or tooth loss.

If there is undue pressure on the tooth, that tooth will most likely die. That means the nerve will die and the tooth could become abscessed or diseased and eventually could result in tooth loss. Other issues include rubber bands that become trapped under the gums and require surgery to remove them.

A lot of these DYI videos are being uploaded on YouTube and are made by teenagers that have no experience or training in dentistry or orthodontics. Please see a professional if you are thinking about getting braces.  Square Smiles has great financing options to help make it affordable for everyone!  Give us a call at 617-898-0220 for more information.

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