5 differences between modern braces & old school braces

Do you remember having braces as a kid? A lot has changed in orthodontic technology in the last 10 years. Here are 5 differences between modern orthodontic treatment and what you probably had to go through as a child.

1. Orthodontic treatments start earlier – The old school way was to wait for all your adult teeth to come in and then put braces on to straighten them. This started around the age of 12 or 13. Today’s technology lets kids as early as 7 or 8 to start treatment. With modern orthodontic technology, we can gently make room for teeth instead of waiting for them to all come in and then starting treatment.

2. It’s not only about straightening teeth – Orthodontist can also check for airway issues, sleep apnea, impacted teeth, tooth eruptions, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking issues. This is why kids are sometimes encouraged to come in earlier.

3. You can ask for a preview – Today’s technology lets us show patients what their smile will look like when they are done treatment. Giving patients a preview of the final product helps them understand the goal they are working towards.  This helps them stick to their responsibility of maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding certain foods and keeping up with their appointments.

4. Braces are cooler – Today’s braces are smaller and sleeker. Not only can they get different colors but they can get a clear or invisible ones, like invisalign braces. You won’t look like you have a mouth full of metal…unless that’s the look you’re going for!

5. They don’t hurt as much! – Some of the worst pains as a kid were from your braces.  They ached so much that it was hard to eat. Today, after the initial period of getting use to braces, adjustments and tightening only cause a mild discomfort. Although the pain is not completely gone, it is a fraction of what it use to me.

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