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Discover Amazing Transformations: Braces Before and After

Orthodontic treatment is a powerful tool that can deliver incredible transformations. At Square Smiles, guided by the expertise of our awesome orthodontist, Dr. Elon Joffre, we believe in empowering our patients through healthy and confident smiles. We’re thrilled to share with you some of our patients’ incredible results in this gallery of before-and-after photos. Our hope is that these images will help you see what is possible for your smile!

Choosing Square Smiles for Braces

We help patients transform their smiles every day, but we never lose sight of what an event it can be in one person’s life to undergo orthodontic treatment. We understand the profound impact dental health can have on your overall well-being, self-confidence, and quality of life. Our team of dedicated and skilled professionals strives to provide each of our patients with exceptional personalized orthodontic care, ensuring that your journey from “before braces” to “after braces” yields outstanding results.

Our state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge orthodontic technologies enable us to create customized treatment plans that cater to the individual needs and goals of our patients. With Square Smiles, you not only inherit a radiant smile but also benefit from improved oral health, functionality, and an enriched sense of well-being. At Square Smiles, you’re in the hands of compassionate experts, committed to helping you transform your smile.

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The Role of Braces

Braces work in a slow-and-steady fashion. Over time, they gently guide your teeth into their ideal positions, alleviating oral health issues and delivering an attractive, symmetrical smile. 

But braces don’t work alone. Behind every successful orthodontic treatment is an extensive understanding of dental dynamics, and that’s where Dr. Joffre’s exceptional skills come into play. With two decades of experience, Dr. Joffre has a unique talent for crafting personalized treatment plans that actively involve you in your smile transformation journey.

Every person’s orthodontic experience is as unique as their fingerprint. From minor spacing concerns to major bite problems, braces can tackle a variety of malocclusion types, each of which poses unique challenges to your oral health and aesthetics. Below, we’ll take a look at some of these treatable cases, what they look like before braces, and the after-braces possibilities for anyone experiencing them.

An overbite is a condition characterized by the upper teeth excessively overlapping the lower teeth. Initially, many of our patients come to us concerned about the protrusion of their upper jaw, a common before-braces scenario. But it isn’t exclusively about the appearance of an overbite. Left ignored, overbites can lead to:

  • Undue tooth wear
  • Chewing or speaking problems
  • Tooth chipping or cracking
  • Jaw pain
  • Altered facial structure (in severe cases)
  • Gum inflammation or gum disease

The path to correction with braces includes the application of gentle pressure over time to gradually reposition your teeth into a better position, transforming the problematic before scenario into a much more functional after. After treatment with braces, the now-aligned upper teeth complement the lower ones, contributing to a balanced smile and healthy bite. This transformation resolves any discomfort you might have had, and it significantly enhances smile aesthetics.

An underbite, also known as prognathism, is characterized by the lower jaw protruding forward, making it seem as if the lower teeth are overlapping the upper teeth. Patients often come to us troubled by the pronounced appearance of this condition that can lead to an uneven smile, issues with bite function, and altered facial aesthetics. When an underbite is left untreated, it can lead to several problems, including:

The transformation after braces, however, is remarkable. Through regular adjustments, braces gently correct the underbite over time, leading to a well-aligned jaw and enhanced smile aesthetics. It can be a tremendous quality-of-life upgrade!

Crossbite is a unique condition where the upper and lower jaws are not correctly aligned, causing one or more upper tooth/teeth to bite inside the lower teeth. This malocclusion presents a distinctive set of challenges affecting not only the appearance of your smile but also your overall oral health. If ignored, a crossbite can lead to:

Braces play a fundamental role in the transformation from before to after with crossbite. By applying gentle, targeted pressure, braces realign your teeth, working consistently to correct the misalignment between the upper and lower jaws. After braces, crossbite patients can expect: 

With braces, you get more than just a beautiful smile. It is about rebuilding your oral health, considerably enhancing your dental comfort, functionality, and self-assurance in everyday life.

An open bite is a dental condition where the upper and lower front teeth don’t touch when the bite is closed in the back. This misalignment can cause a range of problems, some of which include:

When it comes to treating an open bite, braces can be quite effective in correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaw, resulting in improved oral health and function. As braces help align the teeth, patients notice an enhanced ability to bite, chew, and speak without difficulties. In extreme cases, patients may even experience a noticeable disappearance of discomfort. 

Misplaced midline is a dental anomaly where the centerline between the upper front teeth doesn’t align with the centerline of the lower front teeth. This discrepancy can introduce its own complexities, such as:

Braces can effectively correct a misplaced midline, restoring alignment and improving the functionality of the mouth. Following realignment, individuals often report a more functional bite and enhanced oral comfort. Moreover, the treatment restores your midline to its rightful position, creating balance in your smile and contributing positively to your oral health and confidence.

Gaps in teeth, also called diastema, refers to significant gaps or spaces between two or more teeth. Before orthodontic treatment, these spaces can impose a number of obstacles, including:

By gradually closing the gaps, braces help to eliminate or prevent the above problems. After braces, diastema patients can expect to have a much easier time with oral hygiene. Many patients also note aesthetic benefits, their after-braces smile being more uniform. 

Teeth crowding, the opposite issue to diastema, occurs when there’s insufficient space for all the teeth to properly fit within the mouth. Before braces, crowding can pose several oral health adversities:

Braces gradually correct the alignment and spacing of the teeth over the course of treatment. Other interventions such as tooth extraction or palatal expansion may precede your orthodontic treatment; we’ll fully collaborate with you about your needs and options.

After treatment with braces, the teeth are no longer overcrowded, allowing for improved oral hygiene thanks to simpler brushing, less plaque buildup, and minimized risk of decay. Uneven wear becomes a thing of the past on account of every tooth properly connecting within your bite. Overall jaw function improves, and patients are typically so pleased with their new smile. The journey from before to after braces for patients with crowding is about delivering comprehensive reform–restoring bite function, enhancing dental health and comfort, and boosting confidence.

The Types of Braces We Offer

At Square Smiles, we offer a range of braces options, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign. Thanks to innovations in digital technology and orthodontic materials, patients have more choices than ever, and we look forward to sharing with you about them!

Start Your Transformation Journey Today

Square Smiles in Milton, MA is the go-to choice for highly personalized orthodontic care for patients from Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, and surrounding areas. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and begin your own before-and-after journey!

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