Dr. E. Elon Joffre is the visionary founder of Square Smiles in Milton, MA, acclaimed for providing exceptional orthodontic care. Known for his unwavering dedication to spearheading orthodontics, Dr. Joffre concerns himself most with the following three pillars of patient experience:

  • Leading-edge technology: Using the latest and best orthodontic tech in his practices allows Dr. Joffre to deliver hassle-free appointments and precise treatments to all of his patients.
  • Patient education: How much do you want to know about your orthodontic treatment? All the why’s and how’s? Or just the basics? Dr. Joffre is interested in meeting you wherever you are on this curiosity spectrum to provide the amount and nature of knowledge that will make you feel most empowered.
  • Collaborative decision-making: Dr. Joffre collaborates with his patients to shape their treatment. Any decisions about your care that will impact your experience or outcome will be made together with you. Personalized patient care: Every collaborative decision about your treatment takes your personal needs and circumstances into consideration.

Honored as a Boston Magazine Top Dentist for seven consecutive years, Dr. Joffre’s commitment to great patient experiences is evident. Beyond professional achievements and accolades, he is deeply dedicated to his patients and takes pride in delivering comprehensive orthodontic services to families in the Greater Boston area.

Dr. Joffre takes a personalized approach to treatment, catering to patients of all age groups and orthodontic needs. His treatment offerings extend from Invisalign and braces to a range of highly individualized solutions to maximize patient success. This personalized approach empowers patients of all ages, encouraging them to actively participate in their care while instilling confidence in their orthodontic journey. Dr. Joffre actively supports informed decision-making, encouraging patients’ comprehensive understanding of their treatment options.

Under Dr. Joffre’s leadership, Square Smiles goes above and beyond traditional patient experiences. His team transcends treating teeth or “cases” to genuinely understand and serve the whole individual in ways that consistently exceed patient expectations.

Dr. Joffre takes his deepest satisfaction and pride in showing up for his patients with compassionate and personalized care. He is most driven by a desire to revolutionize orthodontics through high-tech care that can one day become accessible to everyone who needs it, everywhere in the world. But behind this very today- and tomorrow-focused doctor is an impressive past that makes him a fundamentally qualified specialist.

Dr. Joffre is also a part-time faculty member at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he is a lecturer on Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology.

Book an appointment today to meet Dr. Joffre and see if Square Smiles is a good fit for you and your orthodontic needs. We look forward to knowing you!

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