Its Never Too Late For Braces

A recent survey found that 75% of adults experienced improvements in career or personal relationships after their orthodontic treatment.  Despite the fact that 71% of them had concerns of “what others will think?”, “how they will look?” and if they are “too old?,” they still choose to go through with the treatment.  In fact, after they were finished, 92% of survey takers would recommend orthodontic treatment to other adults.

So how does a new smile help improve your career? Respondents of the survey say renewed self-confidence and self-assurance that they can smile openly is a lot less stressful on their life.

• “I was much more confident and self-assured once I could smile openly. Life is very stressful [on a subconscious level] when you’re always aware that you cannot open your mouth to smile without fear of judgment.”

• “With an attractive smile, you can face your career and personal relationships with confidence.”

• “A more brilliant smile and the straightest teeth gave me confidence to do anything.”

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