Halloween Candy Can be Hard on Braces!

Its almost Halloween! That means there is a lot of candy out there to gather but be careful! Halloween is usually a busy time for orthodontist because people with braces are eating things that can damage their braces! Popcorn, candy corn, caramel apples, candy with nuts and lollipops are notorious for sending you on an emergency trip to the orthodontist so be wary! 

This is actually the reason why October was named National Orthodontic Health Month!

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends orthodontic patients look for foods that are soft and easy to chew and avoid those that are hard, sticky, chewy or crunchy. 

Remember to always brush and floss after you eat sweets!  And if you do happen to bend or break a bracket or wire, come into the office to get it fixed as soon as possible or else it might prolong your treatment!

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