Easter Candy You Can Have!

Easter is coming up in a little under a week and we all know your Easter baskets will be filled with all types of candy and sweets.  Having braces or Invisalign braces means there are certain candies that you will want to avoid but there are some that you can definitely have!  Here is a list of a couple popular candies that are OK to eat.

These Reese’s Chocolate Bunnies are made with soft milk chocolate so they are fine to have.  Aren’t you happy?

Peeps and chocolate dipped Peeps are made of soft marshmallow so they are ok to eat as long as you brush your teeth right after!  Plaque can start to form in as little as 20 minutes after you eat a sugary treat so be sure to brush!

Candy To Avoid

Double Bubble is too sticky for braces.  They can damage the hardware in your mouth and cause brackets to break or some loose.

Lifesaver Gummies are delicious and soft, but they are a little too sticky and you should try to avoid them.  They may bend a wire or break a bracket that will not only be an extra trip to the orthodontist, but it will prolong your treatment.

There are hundreds of different candies out there so if you’re not sure if you should avoid them, feel free to give us a call to ask! If you give in to temptation and bend one of your wires or break a bracket, be sure to call us immediately to schedule an appointment.  The longer you wait, the longer your treatment will be!

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