Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile! Square Smiles loves to help every one of our patients obtain self confidence and the best place to start is with your smile! If you need an orthodontist in the Dorchester, Milton, Quincy or North Quincy area, give us a call at 617-898-0220.

We make it fast and easy to become a patient and start treatment as soon as possible! You’ll have a beautiful smile in no time! There are a ton of benefits of having a healthy mouth and straight teeth, here are the top 10!

1. Better Brushing – Orthodontic treatment can fix overlapped teeth that can trap food particles. Straight teeth makes it easier to brush and floss.

2. Clear Speech – Crooked teeth can sometimes cause speech problems. This translates into poor self confidence that can affect your school or work performance.

3. Easier Eater – Chewing your food properly is often overlooked and can be difficult with crooked teeth.  It can cause digestive problems if you are not chewing your food enough! Orthodontic treatment can help!

4. Less Accident Prone Teeth – Teeth that protrude outward are more likely to break if you have a accident or sports related injury.  They can also cause mouth guards to not fit properly.

5. Fewer headaches – Did you know crowded teeth wear unevenly?  This puts a lot of stress on your jaw which can lead to chronic headaches.  Orthodontic treatment can get rid of your headaches! Literally and figuratively!

6. Better Gum Health – Better oral hygiene prevents gum disease. Gum disease is one of the biggest reasons for tooth lost!

7. Better Overall Health – Studies have proven that there are links between tooth decay/gum disease and heart disease & high blood sugar.

8. Save Money – Having straight teeth will prevent more complicated issue with your teeth in the future. Fewer issues = Less Money and less visits to the dentist!

9. Less Soft Tissue Injury – Everyone has gotten a cut in their mouth or a sore.  Having straight teeth will reduce injury and pain.

10. Increased Self Esteem – Be proud of your beautiful smile! Flash those pearly whites to everyone you see! It’s proven that people who smile often live healthier lives!

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or adult, Square Smiles can help you get the smile you want!

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