10 Reason to Get Orthodontic Treatment

It may seem like the only reason to get orthodontic treatment is for cosmetic purposes but that is simply not true! While straight teeth look good, there are many health benefits, mentally and physically to having a pretty smile.

  1. To correct overbites, underbites or crossbites. This will alleviate speech, chewing and biting problems.
  2. To protect teeth and gums from bite related wear. A misaligned bite can cause teeth to wear down more quickly than normal.  It can also add to receding gum lines.
  3. To prevent jaw pain. A misaligned bite can cause the jaw to work harder when chewing, causing pain.
  4. To avoid breathing or swallowing problems. Overbites and underbites can cause snoring.
  5. To correct crowding. Crowded teeth are a lot hard to brush and keep clean.  You will avoid future oral health issues with straight teeth.
  6. To correct over spacing and gaps. Be aware of DIY treatments that you’ve seen on the internet.  This can lead to major issues as well as tooth loss.
  7. To prevent tooth decay. If you constantly miss a spot while brushing because of crooked teeth, it will lead to cavities and tooth decay.  Prevent this with orthodontic treatment.
  8. Prevent heart disease. Studies have shown that bacteria in the mouth and gums can enter the blood stream and cause cardiovascular disease. Orthodontic treatment makes it easier to clean your mouth and gums to prevent this.
  9. To correct the effects of thumb sucking. These habits can cause protrusion of the upper incisor teeth and constriction of the upper jaw.
  10. To keep teeth from erupting in the wrong position. Routine dental x-rays can help pinpoint potential problems and orthodontic treatment can help guide teeth into the correct positions.

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