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PATIENT STORY Delia's Transformation

In contrast to her friends with braces, Delia, 11-year-old Invisalign® patient at Square Smiles,  loves the freedom Invisalign allows her (mainly eating popcorn and cotton candy). She also appreciates the social benefits of having invisible orthodontic hardware. Pretty typical kid stuff!

What really sets Delia apart, however, is how much she enjoys the sense of responsibility she feels about her Invisalign. She proudly shared with us about her calendar reminders and how easily she remembers to put her aligners back in. Delia may be a remarkably responsible kid, but she shows us that children can be reliable when it comes to Invisalign and how empowering it can be for them.

Plenty of children can and do take great care of their aligners. And while Delia may be exemplary in her ability to stay on top of things, we at Square Smiles have seen all kinds of children step up and own their Invisalign treatment. Here are some tips to provide the ideal structure and support for kids during their Invisalign journey:

  • Create a visual reminder: Set up a physical calendar to track aligner changes, check-ups, and other important milestones. Make it colorful, engaging, and easy to follow. It can help to integrate this with any other calendar your child may already be keeping track of, such as one for homework, extracurriculars, or times you discussed. 
  • Establish routines: Encourage daily habits to help them track and maintain their Invisalign. Make it a part of their morning and evening routines to ensure consistency.
  • Positive reinforcement: Praise your child on their responsible behavior, building up their confidence and motivating them to continue being responsible in the future. If it’s part of your family’s toolkit, you could also set up a reward system for certain milestones.
  • Check in: Regularly ask about their aligners: whether they are clean and worn properly for the required number of hours daily.
  • Check the wear indicators: If your child needs extra accountability for wearing their aligners, Invisalign FirstTM and Invisalign for teens have wear indicators that you can monitor if needed.
  • Choose the right orthodontist: An orthodontist like Dr. Joffre who makes visits enjoyable, includes your child in decision-making, and provides a supportive setting can empower and inspire your child to take responsibility, even perhaps in ways they haven’t before.
Discover how Dot Smiles in Dorchester, MA helps kids embrace Invisalign with ease and responsibility. Essential tips for parents inside!

With a little help and guidance, children can successfully navigate their Invisalign journey like Delia has. Learning responsibility for their Invisalign can even help kiddos get better at being responsible in other areas of their lives!

Help your child take charge and achieve their perfect smile! If you’re considering Invisalign for them, connect with Square Smiles today to let our experienced professionals guide your family through this rewarding experience.

“I keep a calendar on what days to switch aligners, what my homework is, and what academics I have that day. My mom and my dad really helped me keep track and keep my calendar up-to-date with Invisalign.”


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