Did you know that braces are not just for teens or kids? Adults of any age can also greatly benefit from braces. Many adult patients choose braces to help them achieve the straight, beautiful smiles that they have always wanted. If you are interested in learning more about braces, read on for more information.

Why Would an Adult Need Braces? 

An adult may consider braces for many different reasons, the most common being that they wish to achieve a straighter smile. Other reasons why adult patients may require orthodontic treatment include:

  • Crowded teeth or teeth that have too much space between them. 
  • Unnatural jaw pain or pressure that is the result of crooked teeth. 
  • A bad bite or malocclusion, which can cause issues with the teeth fitting together. 

Adult Braces Options 

When it comes to braces. Most people envision the traditional metal braces. However, nowadays there are many different types of braces to choose from that are both comfortable and stylish. At SquareSmiles, we offer the following braces, including:

  • Invisible braces (Invisalign): This treatment involves the use of clear plastic aligners that are removable and discreet. The aligners are switched out every couple of weeks until the teeth have shifted to their desired position. 
  • Clear/Ceramic braces: These braces are a combination of clear ceramic brackets and wires. They work similarly to traditional braces but are not as noticeable. 
  • Traditional metal braces: These braces are attached to the teeth and are removed by the orthodontist when treatment is complete. They work by causing the teeth to shift using metal braces. Your orthodontist will tighten the wires around the braces, which forces the teeth to shift. 

Who is a Candidate for Adult Braces? 

Adults who are unhappy with their smile and wish to straighten their teeth can often benefit from adult braces. However, if you have active gum disease, it is important to get that under control before thinking about orthodontic treatments. The best way to determine which orthodontic treatment option is best for you is to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Joffre.

What is the Difference Between Adult Orthodontics and Orthodontics for Children and Teens? 

The main difference between adult orthodontics versus orthodontics for teens or children is that adults have finished growing. This means that an adult’s jawbone has completed growing, while younger people’s jawbones are still in the process of growing. There are also other factors that may impact adult orthodontic treatments, including:

  • Gum Disease: Adults are much more likely to have gum or bone loss caused by gingivitis or periodontal disease. This may impact treatment options. 
  • Worn or Missing Teeth: Worn or missing teeth can cause other teeth in the mouth to shift or tilt, leading to a bad bite or gum disease. 
  • Incomplete Orthodontic Treatment: Some adults may have not completed their orthodontic treatment as a teen, but can often benefit from braces later in life. 

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